About us
PPO GROUP CZ, s.r.o.
PPO GROUP CZ, s.r.o., founded in  1994 under the name of KP Market is a dynamic organization, which during its activity has grown into  one of the leading suppliers both in the Czech and  Slovak markets.
In 1998 PPO also started its activity in the field of designing and production of packaging, shipping units for dispatching in the automotive and  technical industries, where it has become one of the main contractors after many successful projects.
The results of our development department, where we process the knowledge from the market and where we create drafts for new packages, that have already proven to be successful, in the form of eight PACKAGE OF THE YEAR awards, one LOG-IN award v in 2005, WORLD STAR PACKAGING award in 2008 and the satisfaction of many of our customers.
Increasing interest in our services and products  has brought us to the  decision to build a manufacturing plant based on modern production technologies with the  aim of significant capacity increase and  extending our activities  to other markets.
In our assortment you will find shipping containers for various areas of the industry.

IQ pack project
IQ pack offers a complex solution providing a real intelligence for packages.. IQ pack guarantees maximum optimization of the logistic flow and  inspection of goods in the circulation through clear information in the digital form.
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